About Oaklynn and Ivy Co., Clothing & Accessories

Oaklynn and Ivy Co. began as a clothing boutique in 2005! The owner & founder, Jacquine Hewell, put her years of fashion & experience to work building the company. Years later, Oaklynn and Ivy Co., located just outside Helen, GA, is going strong & is proud to provide excellent customer service to its customers, both new & loyal, over the years. We've come a long way since our beginning & are happy to be able to offer a variety of clothing items & accessories that are sure to keep you in style whether you're in the country for the days or kicking it with your squad in the city.

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All Items Are Subject to Availability

We've put together a menu of our categories here, with the understanding that some items may not be available at all times, such as if it's sold out, seasonal clothing, etc. Whether you're looking for clothes or something else fashionable or cute, we're confident you'll find it here & if there's something you'd like but you don't see it, drop us a line & we'll add it to our requests!

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One Piece Clothing

Oaklynn and Ivy offers a wide range of one-piece clothing options, such as dresses, rompers, and more! Our one-pieces are offered at a great price with quick shipping, for your next seasonal look!

Jumpsuits + Rompers

Our jumpsuit + romper options are the hottest summer look you can find! Shop for your next fav summer item today!


Shop our dress categories for the perfect easy look at a great price today!

Black Dresses

Are you looking for the dress that fits any occasion? Black dresses are suitable for almost any occasion; they're classy, flexible, timeless, and flattering! A few tips for black dresses - wear them alone with elegant black shoes, wear them with fun bracelets and comfortable flats, wear them with jean jackets, and more. View our black dresses here, and find the most flexible item of apparel for your closet today!

White dresses

Shop our white dress options for an easy, breezy, beautiful look! White is the best color for summer, since it's light and cooling - let us help you find your next cute, cool summer look today!

Mini Dresses

Mini dresses are a closet staple. They're fun, versatile, and the shortest dress option available! These dresses are fantastic for hot summer beach days, an evening outing with friends, and more. The hem of a mini dress hits at about your mid-thigh, with styles ranging from casual to sexy to sweet, and anything in between. Let us help you expand your selection of beautiful, fun outfit options today!

Midi Dresses

A midi dress is the happy medium of dresses! This style hits midway between your knee and ankle, making this the perfect option for casual outings, work, social events, and more! Pair your midi dress with a few cute accessories, and you're all set!

Maxi Dresses

Are you looking for a long, flowy dress that's also comfortable and not too formal? Then check out our maxi dresses here! The right maxi dress will make sure everyone remembers your name, with their form-fitting tops and flowing, floor-length skirts!


Oaklynn and Ivy offers tops in all categories - tanks, tees, blouses, hoodies, and more!

Tank Tops

Tanks are the easiest, lightest form of shirt! They're suitable for summer wear, under other shirts or jackets, and more!


Tees are super casual and flexible, fun to pair with just about any light summer outfit. View our tees today and see what you can dream up!

Shirts + Blouses

Blouses are loose, flowing tops gathered at the waist or hips. These options are fantastic for hot days, more formal outfits, and work outfits!

Sweatshirts + Hoodies

Sweatshirts and hoodies are typically soft pull-over tops made of absorbent fabric, usually worn during athletic activities! Hoodies are the version of sweatshirts with hoods, and sometimes zippers. These are also awesome for cozy evenings during chilly weather!


Sweaters are typically knitted, long-sleeved pullover tops that are super warm, comfortable, and help provide the perfect condition for cold and chilly weather. View our sweaters and order your next comfy outfit item today!

Cardigans + Jackets

Are you looking for a few warm tops that are a bit more casual and easy to put on and take off? Then look no further - check out our cute cardigans and jackets here!


Check out our bottom clothing pieces as cute options to pair with your tops! Our pants, skirts, and leggings have great prices and shipping, with a ton of categories to fit any need you may have!


Leggings are the comfiest choice for your lazy day in, a quick trip to the store around the corner, or just hanging out with friends. Pair your leggings with a tank top or tee for the ultimate casual outfit!


Check out our skirt options for your casual or formal outfits! Skirts are a super comfy, fun option for any occasion!


Shorts are fantastic for pairing with tees and tanks any time! Choose these as a fun comfy summer option, hanging out at home, and more!

Jeans + Pants

Check out our jeans and pants! These can be worn for fun hangouts, work events, social outings, hanging out at home, and more!


We love shoes! With several very cute shoes priced at $10 & up, there's something here for nearly any occasion.


Flats are awesome for a semi-formal look that's still comfortable for long events! Flats are also great to pop on with pretty much any casual or formal look.


Heels are for showstopper outfits! Wear our cute heels with any of our dresses, or with stylish blouses and pants for an upscale, fun outfit!


Sandals are another fun summer option! These can be for the beach, the mall, social events, and more!


Boots are awesome for more formal looks when you still want to be comfy! Check out our boots for a stylish, warm option!


Check out these shoes - they're fantastic for a casual, athletic vibe! Pair with shorts and a tee, or a cute midi dress, for a fun ready-to-go outfit!

Totes + Handbags

Handbags and totes are ideal for when you need to take your essentials with you - large or small, we have it all!


Check out our gift categories for a fun option for any occasion!


Use our accessories to add the final touch to your outfit! We have sunglasses, belts, face masks, and more!


Check out our sunglasses for hot bright summer days!


Use our belts with your outfits for a fun pop! Belt your dress for a figure-shaping appearance, or use our belts with your pants!


Check out our sock options to go with your boots or tennis shoes!

Face Masks

Our face masks will both protect you and finish off your stylish outfit!


Hats are the ideal sun protector, as well as adding a lovely finish to your outfit!


Scarves are ideal for cooler days! Check out our scarf categories to pair with our dresses, jackets, and more!


Check out our jewelry categories for the final bling for your outfit!


Necklaces are a lovely touch, especially with our dresses and light fun summer looks!


Order our bracelets to add some bling to short sleeved outfits!


Purchase our earrings to add some bling to your ears, and round out your outfit!

Home Decor

Check out our home decor options to add a cute pop to your home!